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Somatic Psychotherapist

I’m a Somatic Psychotherapist and Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner who has worked in the field of mental health, addictions and trauma for over 15 years. Underpinning my professional qualifications is 20 years of personal development and self exploration.

I am also the Founder and President of Enveco Health – a social enterprise that will assist those living with mental health conditions regain wellness, retain employment and be supported in their personal recovery in a nurturing therapeutic community setting.

I am passionate about mental health and I honour the courage it takes for someone to do the work on themselves to resolve their past and move forward with freedom and vitality. I take a holistic approach to mental health and well-being incorporating a number of modalities to help you develop a strong bodily container and a greater sense of nervous system regulation.

My background

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I graduated from the Australian Institute of Core (Bio) Energetics Body Psychotherapy founded by Dr John Pierrakos and completed a further 3 years of trauma training in Australia under the qualified team from the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute founded by Dr Peter Levine.

Now an approved Advanced Level Teaching Assistant with Somatic Experiencing Australia, I enjoy expanding my knowledge and professional skills in the body-mind sector. making sure that I keep up to date with the latest techniques and research both nationally and internationally.

I have the capacity to hold a space for someone without judgement as I support you to reach the core of your issues, allowing you to open up to the possibility of change and moving towards a renewed sense of embodiment. With a priority placed on establishing a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship, every session is tailored to your individual needs.

Join me as I facilitate the safe space you need to gently tap into the wisdom of your body and let it guide you where you need to go.

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